BOSTON, Mass. (WWLP) – It was the first full day on the job for Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey and during her inauguration speech, she laid out a list of her priorities for our state. So how high on her list does western Massachusetts rank?

Governor Healey took the oath of office Thursday and outlined her plans for the next four years. Shortly after Healey was sworn in, she took to the House rostrum to lay out what she believes should be the state’s priorities. She spoke about the challenges facing Bay Staters, like the high costs of living, lack of affordable child care, and wait times at hospitals.

She also drew attention to the high rates in which people are leaving Massachusetts. To help curb these persistent problems, the new governor pledged to file legislation to create a Secretary of Housing within her first 100 days. She also pledged that tax reform would be a priority, a goal she shares with both the House Speaker and Senate President.

Now during her speech yesterday, she did not mention prioritizing Western Massachusetts, but Friday, when asked, she said the Western part of the state would not be forgotten.

“When it comes to Western Massachusetts we know the importance of making strategic investments in Western Massachusetts and that will include in housing, in transportation, in infrastructure, certainly when it comes to specific climate related policies… But I can promise you this, that western Massachusetts is gonna see opportunity in the time ahead,” said Governor Healey.

When it comes to the high cost of higher education, she said in her first budget she will propose a program called MassReconnect that would make community college free for those over 25 without college degrees. When it comes to climate goals, Healey wants to electrify public transportation and put a million electric cars on the road by 2030.