BOSTON (SHNS) – Governor-elect Maura Healey’s transition team has set up shop in the State House.

Inauguration day may be about a month away, but the Healey administration is wasting no time when it comes to setting up shop inside the State House. The Baker administration offered the incoming Governor and Lt Governor office space within the State House to begin the transition of power.

The current administration has been preparing for the transition for a while now, formally meeting with Governor Elect Healey and Lt. Governor Elect Kim Driscoll the day after the election. Healey’s team has begun the job of moving into room 105 inside the States Capitol Building. A location close to the closed down lobby of the General Hooker Entrance.

Lt. Governor Elect Kim Driscoll, who chairs the Healey administration transition was shown into the office on Tuesday. This comes on the heels of the Healey-Driscoll administration announcing six transition policy committees that stretch from the economy to mental health.

Each committee has two to four chairs and over a dozen members. Healey is also making her rounds when it comes to meetings.