BOSTON (SHNS) – Two-thirds of American business travelers intend to take fewer work trips amid a Delta-fueled increase in COVID-19 cases, according to a new survey conducted for the American Hotel and Lodging Association.

The Morning Consult online poll reached 2,200 adults, 414 of whom were business travelers, and found that 52 percent of those who travel for work are now likely to cancel existing plans without rescheduling while 60 percent intend to postpone travel. The AHLA, an industry group that sought the poll, said more than half of hotel revenue comes from business travel and events and warned the tightening outlook forecasts continued strain.

“Hotels were already on pace to lose more business travel revenue this year than we did in 2020. And now rising COVID-19 cases threaten to further reduce the main source of revenue for our industry,” AHLA President and CEO Chip Rogers said.

The survey also found that 71 percent of respondents are likely to attend fewer in-person events or gatherings, 67 percent are likely to have shorter meetings or events, 59 percent are likely to postpone existing meetings or events until a later date, and 49 percent are likely to cancel with no plans to reschedule.