BOSTON (WWLP) – When it comes to voting on expanding voting options in the state, the House and Senate have different priorities and that was made clear by legislative leaders earlier this week.

Both branches are debating a bill titled the VOTES act. In the Senate’s version, early in-person voting and mail-in voting would be extended. The bill would also establish a same day voter registration system, which would allow residents to register to vote right at the polls.

However, House lawmakers voted against that provision. Speaker Mariano told reporters that he is not a supporter of same day voter registration and voted against the bill when it appeared before the House during prior sessions, “Oh, me. I voted against it the last time.”

The differences between the House and Senate versions of the VOTES act may be small but they are expected to cause a major debate. There are members of the House that would like to see same day registration pass but their efforts on this issue have not been well received.

Right now, 20 states including the District of Columbia have same day voter registration and they say the system works great. Senate President Karen Spilka said Massachusetts has fallen behind on this issue and she’s hoping her House colleagues will come around to the idea.