BOSTON (WWLP) – The House budget for this upcoming fiscal year will cost around $56 billion and the first budget to include the Fair Share Amendment.

The House’s budget is an increase over the governor’s proposed $55.5 billion and it makes significant investments in education and transportation.

The Fair Share Amendment was passed in November by voters, this will add an additional four percent surtax on incomes over $1 million. It’s expected revenue from the amendment will bring in $1 billion which is meant to be spent on education and transportation. The House plans to spend that revenue equally.

In education, the House plans to allocate $161 million in universal free school meals, an extremely popular pandemic era policy, and $20 million has been set to go to Governor Healey’s MassReconnect program, which would provide free community college for those without a degree over the age of 25.

However, unlike the Governor’s plan, the House allocated no money to East West rail, but did put $70 million to regional transit and grants for electrification. On top of funding, the House budget would also authorize the lottery to sell their products online, re-calculate how Chapter 62F is distributed, and provide no cost phone call to those presently incarcerated.

It’s expected to be a very busy week here on Beacon Hill, there are over 1,500 amendments that have been filed to the budget.