BOSTON, Mass (WWLP) – The driver’s license bill was vetoed by the Governor at the end of May, but Wednesday, the House voted to override that veto.

Under this legislation, undocumented immigrants would be able to apply for a driver’s license. They would need to prove their identity and residence to do so. Bills similar to this one have been proposed for almost two decades. Supporters of this bill believe it will make the roads safer for all, help strengthen relationships with law enforcement and transform the lives of immigrants.

“This is a safety issue, we are making our roads safer by making sure everyone who operates a vehicle has the opportunity to be licensed and insured,” said Representative Lindsay Sabadosa.

“It’s a dignity issue, it’s an issue that makes sure that our families can take their kids to doctor appointments, it makes sure that they can drive and be a part of the economic success that the United States has brought to many individuals throughout this country,” said Representative Carlos Gonzalez.

Governor Baker vetoed the legislation in part because he believes it could lead to voter fraud. He also believes the legislation fails to include measures to distinguish people who demonstrate lawful presence from those who do not.

The Houses overrode the governor’s veto by a staggering amount, 119 to 36. The Senate is expected to vote on the matter later this week.