BOSTON (WWLP) – Housing advocates took to the state house steps Thursday to have their message heard. 22News was there and has information on the bills they’re advocating for.

The Greater Boston Interfaith Organization (GBIO) rallied outside the state house and their message was everybody deserves a home. The housing crisis is affecting every part of the state, with rents and home prices skyrocketing. The organization is trying to tackle the housing crisis by laying out its legislative priorities.

GBIO is asking the Healey administration for a 5-year housing bond bill with $8.5 billion in capital funds and asking the legislature to increase budget funds to $184 million for local housing authorities.

Tenants of public housing took to the microphone to share their experiences and spoke on unclean living environments including mold, mice, and insects.

“Our desire for this housing justice campaign comes from our faith, and a moral compass, and it’s not just an economical thing, it’s a personal thing, everybody knows somebody who lives in housing, this is some people’s lives, and we are calling it not just a housing crisis but it’s a human crisis,” said Reverend Lydia Shiu from the GBIO.

Housing justice was also on the docket. They believe this starts with allocating emergency section 8 vouchers to those recently released from prison, as well as guaranteeing those individuals’ state ID’s upon release.

Lastly, housing stock needs to be increased to drive down costs and the advocates are calling for more multifamily zoning.

After the rally, advocates headed inside the State House to lobby lawmakers on their priorities.