Just one day after Governor Baker filed his budget proposal, many attorneys are calling for more legal assistance funding for low-income residents. 

At the 20th annual Walk the Hill event, members of the Massachusetts Bar Association and the Equal Justice Coalition complained that legal representation has been drastically underfunded. 

They are asking lawmakers for an additional $5 million, on top of the $21 million, the Governor recommended for legal assistance in his fiscal 2020 budget proposal. 

Supreme Court Chief Justice Ralph Gants said this money is the only way low-income residents in the Commonwealth can obtain justice. 

“Where the poor, the vulnerable, and the challenged can obtain the legal representation they need to understand their rights,” Gants said. 

Due to the lack of funding, the Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation said they’ve had to turn away 45,000 people a year.  

Organizers of Thursday’s event said the money is needed now more than ever because of the changes in federal policies regarding immigration and public benefits. 

After the event, participants went to every lawmaker’s office to ask for what they called ‘adequate’ legal assistance funding.