Firefighters joined state lawmakers on Monday to share a powerful message about items in your home that contain poisonous flame retardant chemicals. 

According to the American Chemical Council, many of the flame retardants in household products and children’s toys are ineffective. 

“They don’t work, they cause greater harm. You have that right?” asked Representative Marjorie Decker, one of the bill’s sponsors. “When these retardants that don’t work are applied, what we do see is that we don’t see a difference in flames, what we do see is an increase in smoke, poisonous smoke.”

Sixteen states including Massachusetts are working on legislation that would restrict certain fire retardant chemicals in toys, car seats, strollers, and other household products.

After coming to a unanimous decision in both the House and Senate, lawmakers and firefighters from across the state are urging the Governor to sign House Bill 50-24 bill into law.

Cape Cod Firefighter, Lieutenant Nicole Stanley said she suffers from breast cancer that was caused by exposure to toxic flame retardant chemicals.

“Sign the Bill and make it safer for communities, and first responders, and firefighters that go in and are exposed to these carcinogens and because of the fire retardants that have created more of a dangerous environment for all of us,” Stanley said in a message to the governor. 

Lt. Stanley said she’s been exposed to these chemicals for more than 25 years. 

Fire officials and lawmakers say this bill would provide the necessary protections to keep children and first responders safe across the Commonwealth. 

Gov. Baker has until Friday to sign the bill, or it will have to start the 2-year legislative process all over again.