Lawmakers discuss ways to improve housing crisis in Massachusetts

Boston Statehouse

The Massachusetts housing program is on track to open more than 15,000 new housing units this year in areas of the state that need it most. 

Governor Charlie Baker last May, sign a law designed to produce and preserve housing options for low and moderate income residents.

It allowed cities and towns to make community-based housing decisions that are appropriate for all neighborhoods and religions. 

At Tuesday’s meeting legislators said housing was only part of the problem, and that access to public transportation and higher paying jobs would also help people in low-income communities. 

The Baker Administration set a goal of building more than 135,000 new housing units by 2025. 

Most of the new units would be multi-family and built-in gateway cities like Lawrence, Pittsfield, and Springfield. 

On Tuesday, $1.8 billion goes towards new affordable housing projects which is a million more than last year.

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