BOSTON (WWLP) – The state primary and general election is closer than we think and with so much uncertainty caused by the virus, many people are torn about whether to use mail in voting or to still have people show up at the polls.

Residents here in the Commonwealth will vote in the state primary on September 1st and then again in the general election on November 3.

In order to protect public health this fall, supports of mail in voting have been pushing the state to approve the new voting system.

“We are heading into one of the most critical election cycles in our nation’s history and people must be able to exercise their constitutional right to vote and do that safely,” Senator Becca Rausch said.

Opponents of the plan believe that if people can stand in line to go to the grocery store or home depot they can stand in line to vote. Many people believe that mail in voting could compromise the integrity of our elections.

No decision has been made yet as to how the fall elections will take place, so the debate here on Beacon Hill continues.

The election laws committee will need to make a decision soon to allow enough time to print and or mail out the ballots.