BOSTON (WWLP) – The Massachusetts Public Health Council will vote this week on new regulations for vaping products.

Less than a month after the Governor signed a bill banning all flavored tobacco and e-cigarette products, state lawmakers are doubling down on their support of those new regulations because they are worried about them getting into the hands of minors.

The new law allows certain nicotine-based products to be sold at 21+ vape shops. Those locations will be required to post signs warning customers of the dangers of vaping.

The Public Health Council, which has been tasked with enforcing the new regulations, is scheduled to meet on Wednesday.

Lawmakers are hoping counselors think of teens and young adults when coming up with a plan for enforcement.

“The tobacco industry they literally stole the health and the lives of our parents and our grandparents and we were not letting them have the health and the lives of our children.”

– Representative Marjorie Decker of Cambridge

Right now the ban on all vaping products is set to end on Wednesday when the Public Health Council votes on those new regulations.

The council is also expected to discuss how to handle lawsuits filed against the state in relation to the vape ban.