BOSTON (WWLP) – A new bill filed by Representative Angelo Puppolo sets to protect low stake card games at senior centers.

The bill, An Act Relative to Recreational Games at Senior Centers, would categorize low stake card games played by seniors at Municipal and Town Senior Centers as a recreational activity. By deeming it a recreational activity, the bill is protecting these centers from legal repercussions.

Puppolo of Springfield is hoping for the additional language to permit these senior centers to allow games like pitch, cribbage, rummy, dominos, bingo, and other games similar to those to be “directly sanctioned.”

As of now, some senior centers are concerned about legal repercussions if they allow small stake card games. In the bill, “small stakes” is defined as “the winnings of any player in a single game or session does not exceed $20.”

“Allowing seniors to be able to you know, count, to be able to play for a little bit of money, have some fun and excitement. I think adds to the dynamic and again sort of adds to the fun and the sportsmanship of these card games.” Rep. Angelo Puppolo

With this new legislation, senior centers would be protected from facing illegal gambling charges.

Now it’s a busy week for lawmakers on Beacon hill, the bill filing deadline is Friday.