BOSTON (WWLP) – A major hearing took place in the legislature Wednesday, causing a little bit of tension on Beacon Hill.

Lawmakers took testimony on a package of bills that would give residents more options when it comes to casting their vote, but several organizations in Massachusetts think this debate is a complete waste of time.

Members of the election laws committee took testimony on the VOTES Act for over four hours.
Supporters of the plan want to see mail-in voting offered in all elections moving forward because they say it worked so well during the pandemic.

On top of that, advocates also want to see same-day voter registration put in place and they want to extend the early voting period.

“And the votes act would take a lot of what was used last year like voting by mail and early in-person voting and make that permanent,” Alex Psilakis told 22News.

Opponents of the Votes act say there is no need for these permanent changes because the Commonwealth is on its way to fully re-opening.

“Voters should get used to daily life returning to normal and that includes in-person voting by next year’s elections,” Paul Craney, spokesperson for the Mass Fiscal Alliance said in a statement.