BOSTON (WWLP) – Legislators are hard at work making sure that all restaurant workers are able to earn a livable wage, while our restaurant industry continues to take a financial blow.

Lawmakers on Beacon Hill are working with the federal delegation to pass what’s called ‘one fair wage’ which would ensure that all restaurant workers regardless of their position earn an income that they can live off of.

Currently, those in the foodservice industry in MA earn $4.35 cents an hour, most of their take-home pay being what they make in tips.

Now, with COVID, restaurant workers say the amount of money they walk away within a day has declined dramatically, and they say having to ask customers to follow public health guidelines can sometimes cost them their tips altogether.

“These workers are being asked to enforce social distancing and mask rules with the very same customers from whom they’re supposed to get tips to make up their base wages, it’s a public health disaster,” One Fair Wage president Saru Jayaraman said.

The state has established a restaurant worker relief fund to help provide everyone from cooks and dishwashers to bussers and waitresses with a livable wage.

For more information on that program check HERE.