BOSTON (SHNS) – Their goal is to power Massachusetts using 100 percent renewable energy sources by 2050, and the elected officials who have signed on in support of this plan have outlined how they intend to make it happen.  

First, the group wants to change how homes and businesses are powered. They want to promote things like solar and wind energy to move away from the use of fossil fuels.

Next, the group wants to tackle transportation. They believe that incentive’s residents to take public transportation or use electric vehicles will help to cut carbon emissions in a drastic way.

“You know I feel the urgency of climate legislation, I feel like we absolutely have to get it done it’s imperative. and certainly, 100 percent renewable energy should absolutely be the goal in the Commonwealth,” Senator Comerford said.  

Massachusetts isn’t alone in this effort. Right now, more than a dozen other states are also working to hit 100 percent renewable energy goals as well.

The legislature has two major energy bills before them, they have until the end of the month to vote on them or they will be pushed off until the next session.