BOSTON (WWLP) – Ahead of election season, advocates are working to make sure everyone has a ride to the polls.

The newly filed, FARES Act would establish a system where residents can take public transportation for free on primary day and on election day.

According to the bill’s sponsors, this measure would make voting more accessible for millions of Massachusetts residents. Voting rights advocates agree, saying the legislation would have a positive impact on communities of color.

“You know we believe this is a bill that’s really meant to benefit cities and it’s meant to benefit more diverse communities, it’s meant to benefit communities that depend more on public transit,” Alex Psilakis of Mass Vote said.

To fund this initiative, the state would reimburse public transportation companies for providing their services for free. However, supporters say the cost is minuscule because public transportation would only be free for two days every two years.

The bill has been filed and will be assigned to a committee where it will be given a public hearing.