BOSTON (WWLP) – More than 11,000 Massachusetts residents have filed a class-action lawsuit against Governor Charlie Baker because they say his flu shot mandate is unconstitutional.

The group, known as “Flu You Baker” has been organizing rallies against the mandate for weeks now. Hundreds of people have shown up outside the Statehouse on several occasions to call for the mandate to be removed.

When asked about the rallies and the pushback his mandate is receiving, Governor Baker didn’t waver on his belief that the mandate is necessary.

Baker said the best way to help the healthcare system during a potential second wave of the virus and flu season is to get the shot.

The mandate takes effect at the end of the year and will require all students ages 6 months and up to get the flu vaccine in order to attend public school.

The Flu You Baker organization has retained legal counsel and they plan to follow through with their civil suit. In the meantime, they are holding a rally Monday, October 5 in Boston.