BOSTON (WWLP) – This bill has three parts and it gives voters more options on how they want to cast their ballots for the September Primary or the November General Election.

Massachusetts voters this fall can: Participate in early voting which will take place for an entire week before each election. They can also vote in person on election day or they can vote by mail.

“So we’re really hoping that this system will introduce old voters and new voters alike to really get the reinvigorated in the elector’s process,” Alex Psilakis a representative for MASSVote said.

Secretary of State William Galvin is now preparing to mail ballot applications to 4.5 million registered voters in Massachusetts.

A deadline was set for next week to get all of the applications out, but if funding from the supplemental budget isn’t approved in time, it could take a little longer.

There is concern about increased voter fraud with mail-in voting, but the Secretary of State said he is taking additional measures to protect the integrity of our elections.