BOSTON (WWLP) – If you worked throughout the pandemic, you could receive additional retirement benefits from the state.

A new bill on Beacon Hill would give state workers three years of retirement credits for keeping the Commonwealth going during the pandemic. The frontline workers that would receive the credit include firefighters, police officers, EMTs, hospital workers, custodians, and much more.

“Public workers continued to go to work when many of us were staying home, and they were making this world and Massachusetts a lot safer for many of us, so this is really just a recognition and out attempt to hopefully say ‘thank you,'” Senator Velis said.

The bill would provide retirement credit to everyone regardless of how long you’ve worked in the public sector or how long you plan to stay. Now the first hearing on the bill was just held Wednesday, but with more than 100 co-sponsors and bipartisan support, lawmakers are really hoping to pass it this session.