BOSTON (WWLP) — Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has set some pretty ambitious energy goals for the Commonwealth, but it’s looking like a major project that would help the state achieve them has been shut down.

Since 2016, Massachusetts has been trying to buy hydropower from Quebec. In order to get that energy to the Commonwealth, power lines will have to run through either New Hampshire or Maine. Neither of the states is fond of the project.

New Hampshire quickly put an end to the project and refused to allow Massachusetts to run power lines through the white mountains. State leaders then turned their attention to Maine, where they partnered with the Central Maine Power Company to begin construction. But Maine voters have rejected the proposal and construction has been halted.

Now there is a concern that Massachusetts residents will have to pay more in taxes to recoup some of the money that was lost. This is an issue that Governor Baker tried to clear up earlier this week.

“Mass taxpayers aren’t on the hook for anything so far,” Governor Baker said.

More than 50 Maine lawmakers wrote Governor Baker a letter urging him to give up on the project, but Baker said he’s not ready to do that just yet. In order for Massachusetts to achieve its goal of being carbon neutral by 2030, this project will have to get done.