BOSTON (WWLP) – After President Joe Biden’s proposal on having a federal gas tax holiday, Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance renews its call for state legislative leaders to provide relief for motorists to also temporarily suspend state gas tax.

“Even the President of the United States now gets it. Anyone who needs to drive—which is almost everyone—is feeling the pinch of high fuel prices in a very acute way right now. Speaker Mariano and Senate President Spilka continue to come off as incredibly out of touch with their obstinate attitudes to this common-sense proposal,” said Paul D. Craney, spokesman for the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance.

According to MassFiscal, the idea of a suspension has been supported recently by a number of prominent Democratic candidates for state office, after Biden’s suspension plan was released.

Salem Mayor Kim Driscoll, who is running for Lieutenant Governor, expressed an openness to the idea of a short-term suspension to provide some relief earlier this month.

A temporary suspension would have the enthusiastic backing of Senator Eric Lesser, who is also running for lieutenant governor, provided that it did not have an impact on the state’s credit rating.

Temporary suspensions of the gas tax were not anticipated to have an impact on the state’s bond rating, according to a statement from S&P Global Ratings in April.

Lesser has changed his mind after voting against a temporary suspension of the gas tax when Republican-led plans were put before the Senate in both March and May.

“State lawmakers and their Governors in New York, Connecticut, and New Hampshire all get it. Both Republican candidates for Governor have understood the value of pursuing this proposal for months. The President of the United States and even some statewide Democratic candidates now get it. It’s time for Senate President Spilka and Speaker Mariano to stop being so stubborn and pursue this common-sense proposal,” said Craney.