BOSTON (WWLP) – The House Budget was unanimously passed Wednesday night.

After three days of negotiations, a $56.2 billion budget for fiscal year 2024 made its way through the House of Representatives. The House worked through over 1,500 amendments mostly through closed-door meetings that lead to consolidating them into larger amendments that were then voted on.

These amendments had introductory remarks made to them, but very little debate.

Representative Carlos Gonzalez disagrees with the notion that many of these deals were done behind closed doors. “We are selected and elected by the constituents of Massachusetts to be a voice. I was a voice for Springfield, and those who represented other areas were a voice and we had private meetings with our leadership as well as joint meetings with legislators who were elected to do so to advocate for the things that were important from their constituents.”

Gonzalez also said that Springfield will be receiving more funding than any other city when it comes to education.

This budget is also the first one to include money from the Fair Share Amendment, which is expected to bring in $1 billion which the House split equally among Transportation and Education.

The Rainy Day fund was also invested in and would bring the fund to just over $9 billion.

The plan also comes with fully funding universal free school meals and the creation of the iLottery, which will put the Massachusetts lottery online.

The budget is now sent to the Senate, which will debate their rewrite of the bill in May.