BOSTON (WWLP) – Massachusetts is seeing a decline in COVID cases.

22News questioned the Governor on the state’s long term plan to keep case counts down. The trends we are currently seeing in the state’s COVID data is looking really promising.

In order to keep cases low, lawmakers are doing more testing in schools, providing families with at home tests, and enforcing mask wearing in their communities.

Last week the department of public health changed the way they reported COVID hospitalizations.

This change was due to first hand experience from State Representative Jon Santiago, who also works at Boston Medical Center.

Santiago told state leaders that COVID hospitalizations were being inflated and that the number of people who were listed as hospitalized for COVID may have entered the hospital for different reasons.

“A bunch of folks in the hospital community started saying we’re seeing a lot of people who are coming in here who are testing positive for COVID but that’s not why they’re here. You know, they’re vaccinated and they don’t really have a heck of a lot of COVID symptoms,” stated Governor Charlie Baker.

This new reporting requirement allows DPH to focus their resources elsewhere – like testing centers, schools and public buildings.

Here in Boston the statehouse is still closed to the public.

But state leaders said today that they are working with DPH on a plan to re-open the building safely.
And that plan would likely include a process to check vaccination cards and the implementation of a strict mask wearing policy.