BOSTON (WWLP) – Massachusetts Senate staffers announced their intent to unionize at the end of March, hoping to become the second unionized state legislative staff in the country.

Senate staffers have been patiently waiting for a response from Senate President Karen Spilka regarding their union push. But so far, it’s been silence. IBEW representatives delivered a letter to Spilka seeking voluntary recognition of the union over a month ago. But since then, there has been no response.

“I have referred that to Senate Counsel, there are a lot of complex, thorny issues to work through,” said Senate President Karen Spilka.

“We can’t engage in any sort of productive dialogue if these basic requests continue to be unmet,” said Jame Watson, Senate staffer.

Senate staff representatives say even though they are still waiting for a seat at the table, they are hopeful for a partnership. Now, House staffers have not made a formal union push, but some have said they are interested in discussing options.