BOSTON (WWLP) – It is Auditor Diana Dizoglio’s first term in office and she has already announced several audits.

Auditor Dizoglio’s latest investigation is taking to the inner workings of the state government. She plans to audit the use of taxpayer-funded non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). They are contracts between parties to not disclose confidential information that has been shared.

However, in the wake of the Me-Too movement, they have been proven to be used to silence victims. Auditor Dizoglio has been a long-time supporter of doing away with NDAs since her time in the legislature.

When she was a state representative she spoke on the House floor about how she had signed an NDA so she could receive severance pay after she was fired from her job as a house aid. She said then she was fired due to unsupported rumors of inappropriate behavior.

The House of Representatives rejected Dizoglio’s attempt to ban NDAs in the branch. They instead limited their use to when an NDA is requested by the victim of sexual harassment.

When Dizoglio became a state senator, she advocated against NDA use again and that chamber agreed to ban the use of NDAs completely.

Along with this audit, Dizoglio has also announced audits of the legislature, the MBTA, and the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority.