BOSTON (WWLP) – A recent poll shows how Massachusetts voters feel about Chapter 62F, the tax law that brought $3 billion to taxpayers across the state.

According to the poll, a majority of Massachusetts voters want the tax cap law known as Chapter 62F to stay as is. Chapter 62F is a voter approved law that caps state tax collections at a level that is tied to annual wage and salary growth. The revenue above the cap is to be returned to taxpayers. This past year, roughly 3.6 million taxpayers received money back.

Also this past year, a group of progressive democrats filed a bill that would cap 62F returns at $6,500 dollars. However, a new poll shows that Massachusetts voters do not want changes made to the 1986 law.

The Fiscal Alliance Foundation, who put out the poll, found that 62% of voters want the law to stay as is. Only about 16.5% preferred a repeal, and 20.8% said they were unsure.

Paul Craney of Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance told 22News, “All three major parties, Republicans, Democrats and unenrolled, a majority of those voters found that they would like to keep chapter 62F, the way it is. They want to keep this taxpayer protection law on the books.”

The poll also asked about tax relief. Almost 57% said they prefer broad tax relief and around 28% prefer targeted tax relief.

The Fiscal Alliance Foundation conducted the poll on January 3rd and 4th and surveyed 750 voters.