BOSTON (WWLP) – The election is only four weeks away, and Massachusetts voters will be asked to decide on at least four ballot questions.

This election cycle voters are being inundated with advertisements on how to vote on questions 1,2,3 and 4. However, the Secretary of the state is warning against simply relying on those messages. Some of the confusion, he believes, stems from what a yes or no vote means.

For example, a yes vote on question 1 would change Massachusetts’s tax structure, while a yes vote on question 4 would keep Massachusetts law unchanged. Voters who chose to vote by mail will have ample time to review each ballot question, while those who vote in person may feel rushed by the process.

The secretary of state is calling on voters to rely on the official material the state has put out, like the red “Information for Voters” booklet that was mailed to every household in Massachusetts.

Secretary of State Bill Galvin stated, “Clearly in this election, the questions are the driving force so far, that may change. Maybe people will be interested in campaigns, but right now, the questions are where the most money is being spent, the most significant I think, in terms of the effect on people, and so that’s the one we want to give people the most information on.”

Now, the booklet did not contain information on question four, because signatures for that ballot question were certified after the book was printed. However, information on Question 4 can be found on the secretary of state’s website.

The secretary’s office is also providing every polling location with the information booklets, as well as a printed supplement containing information on question 4, so voters can review official information before casting their vote. More information and sample ballots can be found on the secretary of state’s website. The general election is being held on Tuesday, November 8th.