BOSTON (WWLP) – The economic development bill has been in conference committee since July and it’s unknown if the bill will get through during informal sessions.

The legislature has been in informal sessions since August. During informal sessions, unanimous consent is needed to pass a bill. Both the House and Senate versions of the economic development bill includes more than $4 billion worth of funding for the state. The bill also includes roughly $1 billion worth of tax relief, $500 million of which would go out to middle class tax filers in one-time $250 rebate checks.

The emergence of Chapter 62F, an obscure law from the 80s, made lawmakers unsure if they could fund both tax relief measures and Chapter 62F funding. Roughly $3 billion is being returned to taxpayers under Chapter 62f.

When asked where the economic development bill stands, Senate President Karen Spilka said they are still negotiating, “House and Senate are actively working, really gearing up and a lot of positive, constant communication. Working through the details, the potential funding, and scope and timing and all of the issues. As you all know, it’s very complicated. There were a lot of things that came up, so we are in constant communication about it.”

Negotiators have less than a month until all 200 House and Senate seats are up for election, which could derail the bill even further. Chapter 62F relief is set to be returned to eligible taxpayers in November.