BOSTON (WWLP) – National education assessments were released earlier this week, and it shows where Massachusetts students stand.

It’s no surprise that COVID-19 has affected student performance, and a national assessment released Monday showed a national decline in both math and reading. The National Assessment of Educational Progress, or NAEP exams, are administered every two years to a sample of fourth and eighth grade students across the country.

The results that were released on Monday showed lower scores across all ages and subject areas when compared to test results from 2019 and earlier, pre-pandemic years. However, Massachusetts students did come out on top in two of four assessments.

Massachusetts students received the highest score in fourth grade reading and eighth grade math, and the second highest in eighth grade reading and fourth grade math. But even though Massachusetts students scored high, their results show a decline in average scores when compared to 2019, notably in 8th grade math.

“We are doing better on average than many other states in the country, again I think these results call into question how meaningful that better is when in fact we compared to our own past results today even for students overall. Even for the state as a whole, we are doing as badly or worse as we were 20 years ago,” said Natasha Ushomirsky, State Director of The Education Trust.

Nationally, fourth grade math scores decline in all percentiles for the first time since the initial math assessment was given in 1990. The NAEP exam affirms the MCAS results which were released last month, which is that students saw mixed results.