BOSTON (WWLP) – Climate activists took to the Statehouse Friday to send a message to Governor Baker.

A group of activists from the Greater Boston Physicians for Social Responsibility are worried that gas pipelines leading to a compressor station in their area will explode.

The group called, Fore River Residents Against Compressor Station said they have been voicing their concerns to the Governor Baker for years now but still, nothing has been done.

They outlined their concerns at a rally outside Baker’s office Friday, where they delivered hundreds of petitions to administration officials.

They want Governor Baker to deny the state permits needed for the project to advance.

“The best thing they can do is turn off the spigot, they need to stop using natural gas, literally stop using it,” Alice Arena said.

The group is hoping to see the Baker administration invest in renewable energy sources like wind and solar.

They believe these protections are crucial in preventing communities from having to deal with explosions like what happened last year in the Merrimack Valley….or worse.

Baker said the federal government will have to make a decision regarding the fate of the compressor station, but he did ensure that a health impact assessment was completed by several state agencies.