BOSTON (WWLP) – A total of 1,053,977 ballots were cast in the state primary last week, with more than half of those coming through the mail or early voting.

In total, there were 777,819 ballots for the Democratic Primary and 276,158 ballots for the Republican Primary. This year’s primary saw the second highest turnout for a State Primary since 1990. The highest turnout year was in 2020.

With the VOTES Act now in full effect, voting by mail was a popular choice this year. The Secretary of State’s office reported 50.2% of ballots cast before Election Day, with 45.6% ballots through mail and 4.6% ballots during in-person early voting. This is the second state primary where a majority of the ballots cast were before Election Day. In 2020, 60% of the ballots were cast before Election Day.

“The continued advancements of voting options that are secure are only going to make our democracy stronger and you know, reduce some of the barriers to voting that we’ve see in places for decades now,” said Geoff Foster, Executive Director of Common Cause Massachusetts.

In this year’s Democratic Primary:

  • 52% of the ballots were through mail
  • 4.7% of the ballots were early voting
  • 43.2% were cast on Election Day

In this year’s Republican Primary:

  • 27.4% of the ballots were through mail
  • 4.2% of the ballots were early voting
  • 68.3% were cast on Election Day

As we approach the November elections, 16% of registered voters have already applied to receive a Vote by Mail ballot. This month, registered voters will receive in the mail a ballot application for the November election.