BOSTON (WWLP) – The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Second Amendment in the Bruen decision. Earlier this month, the governor signed into law language to bring Massachusetts into compliance with the Bruen decision, while also strengthening existing gun laws.

Massachusetts gun laws were brought into question after the Bruen decision struck down New York’s need for “proper cause” to carry a concealed handgun. Massachusetts had a similar “good reason” clause, which licensing authorities can no longer enforce.

However, the bill that was signed into law does impose new restrictions. A person with a harassment order against them can no longer obtain a license to carry. The new law also requires licensing authorities to deny applications or renewals to applicants who could pose a risk to public safety.

Second amendment activists believe Massachusetts is once again overstepping.

“We knew it coming in, that even if we got a good decision that Massachusetts, like some of these other outlier states, would fight tooth and nail to not respect our civil rights. You know, that’s happened to groups of people throughout U.S. history, that may win a huge court case but their local governments still don’t want to recognize their rights, and that’s exactly what happened here,” said Jim Wallace, Executive Director of Gun Owners’ Action League.

This new gun legislation was put into a $165.5 million borrowing bill that will improve and modernize the IT infrastructure and security of the state’s court system.

It’s important to note that it is still illegal to carry a firearm in Massachusetts without a license.