The Baker Administration is proposing a new cell phone law for drivers. The law would ban drivers from holding a cellphone while operating a vehicle. 

One woman told 22News she thinks it’s a good idea. 

“Nowadays, it’s crazy. Everybody is on their phones texting, doing all kinds of stuff,” said Dina Perez, who was driving through western Massachusetts on her way from Tennessee. “I think it’s just better if it’s off and you’re paying attention to the road because you just never know.”

The new law would require drivers to go “hands free” by using Bluetooth technology and voice commands. One driver told 22News she recently purchased a hands-free phone holder when she got a new, Bluetooth-enabled car. 

“I bought it, I installed it and now my phone is away from my hands, but if it’s an emergency, I can still pick it up by touching a little button on the steering wheel,” explained Gayle Flood of Longmeadow. 

Baker said this is an effort to make the roads safer. In 2016, distracted driving accidents killed more than 3,400 people according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 

Massachusetts is currently the only state in New England without a hands free cell phone law. The Bay Sate banned texting while driving back in 2010.