BOSTON (WWLP) – A new position out of the Attorney General’s office will hold predatory lenders accountable for their actions.

The new Ombudsman will receive, review and assist student loan borrowers with any claims they may have. They will also help students apply for federal loan forgiveness programs to prevent wage garnishments.

“My office is on the frontlines of this $1.7 trillion crisis, fighting on behalf of student borrowers in Massachusetts, and taking on a student loan system that is fundamentally broken and devastating to countless Americans,” Attorney General Healey said. “The establishment of this Ombudsman position will be critical in our ongoing work to help students and families invest in their future and get the relief they deserve.”

Longmeadow State Senator Eric Lesser has been working with the Attorney General for months now to go after predatory lenders. He believes this office alone will help hundred of Massachusetts residents finally achieve financial freedom.

“Nearly a million people within Massachusetts collectively owe over $40 billion in student loans, and until now have not benefited from adequate state-level consumer protections on one of the biggest financial investments in their lives. I am looking forward to working with Attorney General Healey and the Student Loan Ombudsman’s office in implementing a strong support system to protect student loan borrowers across Massachusetts from these harmful practices,” said Senator Lesser.