A newly designed Williamsburg town flag will now hang in the Great Hall at the Massachusetts State House. 

Western Massachusetts lawmakers joined community members at a ceremony to show off the flag on Wednesday before hanging it on the hall forever.

They said this symbol will give the western part of the state more representation in Boston.

Representative Steve Kulik told 22News, “A lot of people probably don’t know where Williamsburg is, but they will when they see the flag.”

The designer of the flag said that it portrays all of Williamsburg’s beauty, showing flowers, hills, streams, and churches. 

There are only 11 communities in Massachusetts that don’t have their town flag hanging in the great hall. 

Senator Adam Hinds added, “My office has made it their mission to make sure every town is represented particularly from western Mass.”

You can visit the Great Hall of the State House and see the Williamsburg flag.