BOSTON (WWLP) – In 2020, Longmeadow resident Amy Baxter dropped off her labradoodle Ollie for daycare. Less than two hours later, Ollie had been seriously injured, and died two months later.

The death of Ollie is sparking change on Beacon Hill. Animal lovers gathered Thursday to show their support for legislation that will keep family pets safe. There were four legged visitors to the State House to advocate for the Puppies and Kittens Act.

Ollie’s owner, Amy Baxter, hopes this bill will make sure what happened to Ollie, doesn’t happen again, “My daughter and I suffered so much, and Ollie suffered so much that I thought, ‘what could I do to prevent this from happening to another family and to another dog.'”

The legislation would create rules around staff to dog rations, group sizes and supervision and plans in case of emergencies. In addition to daycare and kennel regulations, the bill would also prohibit the sale of puppies and kittens under eight weeks of age.

“Most people are really surprised to find out that there are no minimum regulations for these facilities and we really feel like it’s an animal protection issue as well as a consumer protection issue,” said Kara Holmquist, Director of Advocacy at the MSPCA.

Advocates are hoping to push this over the finish line before the end of session.

Amy Baxter also mentioned she has met many other dog owners with similar stories to her. The doggy daycare Ollie was taken to has since been shut down.