BOSTON, Mass. (WWLP) – The legislature is in its final month to pass legislation and yesterday the Senate focused on pandemic-era policies.

All of our lives changed during the height of the pandemic, and although a lot has returned to normal, the Senate passed legislation yesterday to keep some changes in place

A popular policy that will stay in place until Dec. 15th 2023 deals with virtual participation.

This bill will allow towns to hold representative town meetings through remote participation, public bodies to meet entirely virtually without a physical quorum and select boards to decide on the quorum number for meetings.

Moreover, it would allow for remote participation in non-profit corporate meetings and allow notaries to perform their duties over video.

Senator Adam Hinds said municipalities benefitted from remote participation

It’s really created a robust, ya know, participation in democracy, so I think that’s one of the things that we’ve heard from our local towns and municipalities that they wanted to continue that, and this is an effort to do just that.

Senator Adam Hinds

The bill also touched on landlord duties. When landlords issue a notice to quit for non-payment, they must also provide tenants with information regarding the tenant’s legal rights and the availability of rental assistance.

These policies are set to expire on July 15th if there is not action from the House or the Governor.