BOSTON (WWLP) – Children across the Commonwealth are expected to be back in the classroom for the entire school year but dozens of parents say they are worried that the state’s requirement is putting some kids at a higher risk of catching the virus.

Parents from Malden, Roxbury, Worcester and Rehoboth spoke out during a virtual news confrence on Monday.

They all told personal stories about their children who are struggling with conditions like Asthma, which puts them at a higher risk of catching COVID-19.

The group of parents want to see the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education put a remote learning plan in place so that parents who want to keep their kids home can do so without any repercussions.

Currently, if a student misses too much school they are contacted by a truancy officer and eventually reported to DCF. Governor Baker weighed in on the remote learning debate Monday, saying he’d like to see all kids remain in school.

One thing we all learned last year was that remote learning for many many kids here in the Commonwealth did not work and there’s lots of evidence that in person does.

Charlie Baker, Governor of Massachusetts

Parents who spoke out at Monday’s news conference say they want to keep their kids home to keep them safe and they want them to continue to learn but the state doesn’t currently have a plan in place that facilitates that.