BOSTON (WWLP) – Council members voted on Wednesday to rescind the emergency ban on vape sales that was set to run until the end of the month, meaning certain products can now return to store shelves.

The council’s decision comes as a new law is set to take effect that limits the availability of flavored tobacco and vaping products across the state.

Stores have been allowed to resume selling vaping products, as long as they comply with the new regulations. People told 22News they were fine with the ban being lifted, as long as there were restrictions around teen use of vaping products.

“It’s bad for kids,” said Musse Awane of Connecticut. “I think it took a lot to get them to quit smoking and now we found another way to get them connected to another chemical.”

Governor Charlie Baker initially called for the four-month ban after seeing a spike in severe lung injuries and deaths associated with the use of vape use. A decision that many residents supported.

“I think it’s a great thing, I mean I know a lot of people that do use nicotine products and they’re upset now and they’re gonna be angry but in the end, they’re gonna be happier and healthier,” Abigail Sumanski said.

State health officials said they still don’t know what is causing lung injuries and illnesses among some of the people who vape. They reiterated that the products should not be used…. especially by minors.

“To me, it’s just like smoking a cigarette, I just don’t believe that they’re safe or healthy for you,” Jessica Robinson said.

Tighter restrictions on the sale of all e-cigarettes, menthol cigarettes, and other vaping products were also adopted at Wednesday’s meeting. The council agreed that starting in June, flavored tobacco products will only be sold at licensed smoking bars.

Other states have temporarily banned or restricted the sale of vaping products, but Massachusetts is now the first to adopt a permanent ban on all flavored tobacco or nicotine vaping products.