BOSTON (WWLP) – With the state being flushed with cash, the state police are looking at bringing back incentives for higher education.

The State Police Association of Massachusetts Troopers is working to bring back the so-called Quinn Bill, which would provide equal pay for equal work. The Police Career Incentive Pay Program, better known as the Quinn Bill, was put into practice in 1970 to incentivize police officers to pursue higher education.

Officers were offered a 10% percent bonus for an associate’s degree, 20% percent for a bachelor’s and 25% percent for a master’s. However, in 2009 state funding for the program was eliminated.

Now, there are troopers with the same title and education, working the same jobs, and making significantly different amounts of money depending on when they came into the field.

The bill filed by Senator John Velis would incentivize individuals to join the field, create an equal pay structure, and also incentivize current troopers to go back to school.

“The trends right now are that people are not going into law enforcement, and the trends right now are that educated police officers are less likely, and there is obviously exceptions of course, but are less likely to commit use of force violations.”

The bill would keep the same pay structure as the Quinn Bill, but also expand the degrees which qualify. The bill is now in the committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security.