BOSTON (WWLP) – The general election is only 53 days away.

Voters in the Commonwealth are split right down the middle on a question that would completely change the structure of our state elections.

Question 2 on the November ballot has to do with ranked-choice voting. A “yes” vote on question 2 would approve a system where you rank candidates in the order that you would elect them in.

So, say there are five candidates on the ballot, you would put a number 1 next to your first pick, a 2 next to your second, and so on. Supporters of ranked-choice voting say it would ensure that whoever wins has majority support.

“If you implement a system like ranked-choice voting there’s more competition, there are more people running for office and there’s more [likely] that an incumbent will lose,” Alex Psilakis told 22News.

Currently, Maine is the only state that uses ranked-choice voting for all of their state elections.

The town of Amherst just passed ranked-choice voting for all of their local elections, making them the second municipality after Cambridge to do so in Massachusetts.