BOSTON (WWLP) – Representative Dan Carey represents Easthampton, Hadley, South Hadley, and part of Granby.

Representative Carey has been serving the 2nd Hampshire district since 2019 but has been serving his community for a decade, and he believes small changes can make a big difference. Carey ran his first campaign at age 28 and became a member of the Easthampton School Committee in 2013. He then became an at-large city councilor in Easthampton before running for his current seat.

Now, you could say that politics are in his blood, his grandfather actually held the 2nd Hampshire seat back in the 70’s and 80’s.

“Just having grown up knowing a little bit about government and politics and seeing how important it is, I’ve heard stories my whole life about folks that my grandfather helped in 1975, and they still remember that, it made such a big difference in their life. The little things we can do to help people can make a big big difference in somebody’s life,” Rep. Dan Carey told 22News.

Carey is trying to make a change in people’s lives when it comes to their insurance coverage. He has two bills that would allow for better coverage. One so all new mothers can receive proper breast pumps, the other for surgeries related to craniofacial disorders.

“If you have great insurance, you get a great pump, and if you’ve got not great insurance, you get not a great pump. So there’s just those types of inequities that occur that we need to continue to focus on. You know another example is if you’re born with a cleft lip, insurance has to cover some surgeries if you’re born with a genetic craniofacial disorder, it doesn’t, even though the science would say those are very similar disorders. And so that’s another bill I’ve been filing for a couple sessions now.”

Carey also has a ticket pricing bill. It would mandate that all fees be included in the upfront price of the ticket, so a consumer knows what they would be ultimately paying.

Representative Carey holds office hours in each of his communities, and the next one is Monday, June 26th from 4 to 5 p.m. at the Easthampton Public Library. If you can’t make that, Carey said to give his office a call to set something up.

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