BOSTON (WWLP) – On Thursday, an almost $5 billion dollar bond bill passed through the Massachusetts House. 22News learned what didn’t make it into the bill, and what comes next.

That bond bill included spending on many state buildings, but unfortunately left out an amendment that would benefit Springfield. The majority of spending in the bill is being directed to building maintenance and upgrades. An amendment filed by Reps. Carlos González and Jake Oliveira would have dedicated $220 million towards the construction of a new courthouse to replace the Roderick Ireland Courthouse in Springfield.

That amendment did not pass.

“It’s clear to me right now that it is a sick building, people continue to have issues, respiratory issues by being in that building, unfortunately, people have lost their lives while working in that building due to some of the environmental factor,” said Representative Jake Oliveira of Ludlow.

A settlement agreement was reached earlier this month in a lawsuit aimed at shutting down the Courthouse due to cancer-causing mold. A feasibility study will still be conducted on whether or not to repair or replace the courthouse.

The courthouse will be closed from July 1st to July 5th for deep cleaning, as part of the settlement agreement.