BOSTON (WWLP) – Senator Anne Gobi represents the Worcester and Hampshire district and is entering her 22nd year on Beacon Hill with around 70 bills filed this session.

A lifelong resident of Spencer, Gobi became a state representative before moving to the senate in 2014. In the last redistricting, Gobi went from 28 towns to 22 and lost all of her Hampden County communities. However, she still cares greatly about bringing equity to western Massachusetts.

She was recently named as the Chair of the newly created Agriculture Committee and is passionate about rural issues, “I was very happy to see a stand-alone committee on agriculture. I’m hoping that many of the food insecurity bills will come to that committee. There is obviously a strong nexus between the food and the farms that produce it.”

She also filed a bill that would provide assistance to farmers dealing with a loss of crops due to a climate event.

Senator Gobi has also been a leader in fighting for residents dealing with crumbling foundations.

Pyrrhotite, a mineral that causes concrete to deteriorate when exposed to oxygen and water has been found in thousands of homes in Massachusetts. One bill deals with testing quarries for the mineral. The other bill would help homeowners pay for the replacement of their foundations.

“I also have a larger bill, also contains quarry information, but would also have the state set up some sort of program to reimburse people, who have suffered by having to replace or will have to replace their foundations.”

The senator has also submitted legislation to standardize the use of familial DNA to solve crimes.

Another bill the Senator is passionate about is enhancing the Move Over Law, this would increase fines and penalties for those who do not move over for a disabled vehicle.