BOSTON (WWLP) – The Massachusetts state flag currently features a picture of a native american – standing beneath a disembodied arm and sword.

For several years now, lawmakers have been pressured to file a bill and repeal the state flag. Well, this year the State Senate took action towards actually doing it.

The Senate on Tuesday voted unanimously to create a panel to look into a new design for the state flag and the state seal. Supporters of this plan believe that the 122-year-old symbol needs to be replaced because many Native Americans view it as a symbol of white supremacy and violence.

“We have to do everything we can to listen to communities of color, in this case, indigenous leaders that have been pushing us to do this for decades,” Senator Jo Comerford said.

So far, 39 communities in Massachusetts have passed resolutions in support of changing the state seal. Most of them are in western Massachusetts.

Governor Charlie Baker said he is “open” to discussions about changing the state seal, though it is not clear if the House also plans to take up the issue.