There are two non-binding questions on the ballot this election season, and although they won’t have any immediate effect they could mean something down the road. 

Western Massachusetts voters in six legislative districts will have the opportunity to support or reject a non-binding Medicare For All ballot question on November 6.

It’s Question 4 on the ballot, and a “yes” vote would instruct that district’s state representative to support legislation to create a single-payer health care system in Massachusetts.

The bill has been submitted in previous years but has never advanced out of committee for debate by the house and senate. 

Single payer legislation would create a funded health care trust, to pay all healthcare claims in the state. It would provide coverage for all medical care, including vision and dental.

“We are bringing them forward again because the movement for single payer is getting much stronger now and we are doing it for visibility,” Deborah Levenson from Western Mass. Medicare For All said. “We are doing it to encourage our representatives and to support single payer and to bring this to the attention of the state.”

Voters will also see a ballot Question 5 — Ranked Choice Voting. It’s an election method that allows voters to rank candidates in order of choice.

A winner is then determined when someone gets more than 50 percent of first-choice votes.

Maine was the first to pass ranked-choice voting statewide after voters approved a ballot initiative in 2016.