BOSTON (WWLP) – The first step to submitting a question for the ballot is complete.

Auditor Diana DiZoglio promised on the campaign trail to increase transparency in the legislature, but she has continued to hit roadblocks. She has now turned to a possible ballot question to get the job done.

Auditor DiZoglio has been pushing for months to audit the legislature, telling 22News that the legislature has been audited at least 113 times throughout history.

Both the House and Senate have not agreed to an audit, and have pushed back saying that the auditor does not have the authority to audit the branches where she formerly worked. Legislative leaders have said it would go against the separation of power that is mandated by the state’s constitution.

At the end of July, the auditor launched possible legal action by writing to the attorney general for support in seeking legal action against both chambers.

In her latest move, DiZoglio worked with transparency advocates, as well as current and former elected officials to file an initiative petition to propose a ballot question that would explicitly allow the auditor’s office to audit the legislature.

DiZoglio shared in a statement to 22News that read in part: “We are continuing to conduct our audit of the legislature regardless of whether or not the Senate President and Speaker choose to comply. In the meantime, since top legislators seem to be confused about the language of the law, this ballot initiative will give voters an opportunity to make it crystal clear.”

Now, Attorney General Andrea Campbell will play a role in both avenues the auditor is pursuing. Either by moving forward with the lawsuit, or by certifying that the ballot question passes constitutional guidelines.

The Attorney General has till September 6th to certify ballot questions, so we will know more at that time.

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