BOSTON (WWLP) – State lawmakers considered a proposal Tuesday that would ban certain companies from advertising their products on school grounds.

A proposal to ban certain sugary drinks from Massachusetts schools has resurfaced on Beacon Hill, and this time lawmakers with more support lawmakers hope it will finally become law. 

In an effort to make Massachusetts schools a safe and healthy environment, Newton state Representative Kay Khan wants to ban companies from marketing drinks that contain excessive amounts of sugar. 

Representative Khan has been leading the movement to keep students healthy, back in 2010 she filed the bill that to removed soda machines from schools.

Now she wants to make sure students aren’t tempted with advertisements for unhealthy drinks while they are trying to learn. 

“Really, again I’m all about trying to protect kids going forward and educating them about what they need to think about, that they need to look at labels and to make sure they’re not overdoing the sugar,” Newton said.  

Representative Khan and members of the American Heart Association testified in front of the public health committee on Tuesday. Part of their push to make Massachusetts healthier would include a tax increase on sodas and sugary drinks.

Health professionals hope to deter people from choosing unhealthy options when they go to the store. 

So far, no states have imposed a sugary drink tax, but lawmakers are hoping Massachusetts will set the standard for healthy living. 

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