BOSTON (WWLP) – If you don’t want to go to the bar, you might have another option pretty soon because the legislature is considering a bill that would establish cannabis cafés.

Back in 2018 the Cannabis Control Commission started a pilot program where select cities and towns would set up what are known as a Cannabis Café. At these locations, anyone 21 and older would be allowed to purchase and consume marijuana related products on the premises.

The problem with the CCC’s program was that in the fine print it stated that these cities and towns needed the states approval first. On Monday, lawmakers took action to cut some of that red tape and allow the pilot program to move forward.

The bill that’s on the move includes language that would allow residents to weigh in on matters before the cafés are set up in their area.

Another concern for state leaders is high driving. There are several bills being considered at the State House to strengthen penalties for high driving. 22News will continue to follow this issue and provide you updates on the bill and it’s safety measures once they are available.